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 localisation des emotes (en anglais)

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Localisation : le labo
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MessageSujet: localisation des emotes (en anglais)   localisation des emotes (en anglais) EmptyLun 3 Juil - 11:30

Secret Emotes Locations

Emote: /weap
Animation: Shows off currently equiped weapon
Location: 2,1
Requirements: 7-8 People (You can have more than 7-8 )
Solution: 1) Step on the rug inside the only building on 2,1. A door should reveal it's self, go inside.
2) Once inside you will see a whole bunch of tiles. (INGORE THE SYMBOLS) Around the tiles you will see a whole bunch of barrels. These barrels are the key on how to solve the puzzle.
3) Look at the light brown barrels positions in the room. Emulate those positions onto the tiles and pull the red switch.
4) In the second room you will see the same thing, tiles and barrels.
5) To make this one easier simply stand on the tiels that are north-east of the barrels and then pull the switch.
6) Move into the last room and click on the big glowing thing. (you can't miss it)

Emote: /kiss
Animation: Blows a kiss
Location: 1,0
Requirements: 3 mid-twenty characters
Solution: 1) First go get a crab pincer, I got mine from 7,17. (This is why you need 3 people)
2) Go to 1,0
3) Talk to Don Rouann on the map.
4) Give him the pincer and he will ask you a few questions.
Here are the answers:

1) Declare this question stupid.
2) That Depends
3) The one that says something like "Day, Person, Context?"

5) He will give you a quest item now.
6) Do whatever you want until the game time is 00:00. (4:00 PST-8 )
7) Talk to him when its 00:00 (4:00 PST -8 ) and he will give you the emote.

Emote: /bye
Animation: You wave goodbye
Location: 4,1
Requirements: 7 People (You can have more than 7 if you want)
Solution: 1) Go to 4,1 and go inside the house. There should be a stair case going downstairs, use it.
2) You will see 6 tiles. Simply put one person on each and pull the switch.
3) In the next room there will be even more tiles. This time put people on the blank tiles and pull the switch.
4) Move into the last room and click the big glowing thing and you will aquire /bye.

Emote: /wind (?)
Animation: Makes you pass some gas
Location: ?,?
Requirements: Technically you can do it alone but its easier with more people.
Solution: Fight Crocodyl's until they drop Parchment of "Wind of Panic." The drop according to the Dofus site is .5%.

Emote: /fear
Animation: You cower in fear (well It actually looks a bit like you're about to barf)
Location: 19,24
Requirements: 1 (You can bring your friends if you want)
Solution: 1)Go all the way to 19,24, which in is the city of Sufokia.
2) In the area, you have to stand in the very corner of the furthest pier. A platform will rise up from the water.
3) Stand on the furthest corner on that platform.
4) Then procede to the top square of the next platform and you'll be transportd to a different map.
5) Go into the Building and click the glowing monument. Now procede to show all your Friends who don't have it and laugh at them.
Submitted By: AsianGuy from Amakna Square Forums

Emote: /appl
Animation: Makes you give somebody a standing ovation (clap)
Location: -2,-6
Requirements: 11 People (You can have more than 10)
Solution: 1) First you will notice there is no enterance here, don't worry there is a way to get it. Send somebody who knows what he/she is doing to go stand on the letter on the cliff. (This is the sacrifice)
2) Go inside and get one person to stand on each square. Pull Switch
3) Now in the second room make a big plus (+) sign. Pull Switch.

Emote: /mad
Animation: You shake your fist in anger
Location: -6,-24
Requirements: 6 People (You can have more than 6)
Solution: 1) There should be a tile some where outside. Stand on it to open the door. Enter the cave.
2) This is easy. Get one person to stand on each tile.
3) BEFORE YOU PULL: Copy down the tile pattern it is needed for 2nd room.
4) Not your in a bigger room. Emulate the tile pattern from the previous room onto the bigger template. Pull switch.

Emote: /pfc1, /pfc2, /pfc3
Animation: Play Rock-Paper-Scissors
Location: 2, -1
Requirements: 1 Person, 1,000 Kamas
Solution: 1) Go to 4,1 and go inside the library. Talk to the owl and then buy "Secrets of the Squirrels Language." (1,000 Kamas)
2) Open inventory and locate book. Click "Use Item" and learn to speak with the animals!
3) Now go to 5,21 and find "Sight Squirrel" (When I went he was hidden among the trees.) Talk to him.
4) If you click on him and still see weird writing don't worry. For the first box click the only available option. 2nd box click the first option. 3rd box click the only option. You should now see an icon on the top of your screen called "Perceptivness."
5) Now go to 2,-1.
5a) If you get into a fight on the way you lose the temporary skill. Go back and talk to the squirrel.
6) Talk to Grizmine (Upstairs). Play some rock-paper-scissors with him until you win.
7) Ask for the reward!

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localisation des emotes (en anglais)
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